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June 30th, 2009

06:59 pm - Some sites you may enjoy.
Hi guys, just wanted to drop by and let you know about a couple of our sites that you would enjoy.

Many of you have probably already seen our site http://cowboybebopepisode.com but you should also check out our other sites, http://watchneongenesisevangelion.com/ is up and running with a new template (I am proud of this one), and http://watchsamuraichamploo.com/ is up as well.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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September 5th, 2006

03:44 pm - Hello Everyone ^^
Hello. I am new to this community. As a welcome gift, i present to you all this link to one of my favorite anime sites. It has pictures, info, music and even places for you to upload your own fan stuff and ep you can sample. Enjoy

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August 24th, 2006

11:33 am - Bebop Wallpaper
I present to you two versions of a simple 1024x768 wallpapers:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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May 17th, 2006

03:27 pm
Hello all!

I've been a fan of Cowboy Bebop for some years now, starting way back when I first started watching anime. So Cowboy Bebop is probably the show that got me interested in anime in the first place.
My favourite characters are Ed and Spike, and I have a thing for Mac, that guy with the purple hair in the episode where Ed finds her father. I love Ed because she can always make me laugh, and I like Spike because he's an anti hero, and anti hero's are just so sexy.
My least favourite character is Faye. She's just not that great a character I think, yes she does have a complicated past but it's not really that interesting.

If you're looking for music from the series and also from the movie I have pretty much all of it, so if you want a song just ask :)
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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April 27th, 2006

12:56 am - CB Rpers wanted
I just wanted to spread the word that, _catchphrase_, a combined multi-fandom, anime rpg, is seeking out the rest of the Cowboy Bebop crew, namely Vicious, Jet, and Ein. So if you’re interested check it out.

Rules || Application
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March 8th, 2006

01:07 pm - Me = Community Noob *waves*
My Cowboy Bebop personality is Spike

Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?

Hey everyone! New to the community, but as I've looked through here it seems that it's alive and thriving. *grins* As a newb, I suppose it's customary to post answers to the standard fandom questions? Here I go...

I've been a fan since around... 2 years ago? Stayed up late one night and saw that 'Cowboy Bebop' was on, and since a friend had been raving about it I was curious. Curiousity killed my sanity. *sweatdrop*

Anywho, my favorite characters are Faye and Ed, each for completely different reasons. I love Faye's complexity; the woman seems so simple at first, but as the series goes on there are just more layers of her personality revealed. She's quite fascinating. One of my favorite episodes is the one where they show her past after she wakes up from cryo-sleep. I love Ed because she's so silly and bubbly. She's had an awfully strange life, and yet to her it's just as normal as could be. Her and Ein make the cutest duo. Most of my favorite 'Bebop' movie moments revolve around her. After watching it a few times I've picked up the bad habit of quoting her (just ask my friends) or going into her silly voice when I get hyper.

My least favorites are probably Julia and... Julia. Heh.. *ducks to avoid the Julia-fan's projectiles aimed at her head* After watching the whole series through I was left scratching my head and thinking, '... Was there a point to her character?' and I wonder if her only intention was to get Spike killed, because I really didn't find anywhere in the series an insight into the Mind of Julia and her presence in it ultimately caused/helped the death of Spike. At conventions when my FanGirl instincts (I am usually able to not be the typical fangirl that anime fans loathe, and I even dislike them myself at times, but at cons I tend to slip into that mode... it's hard not to when in that atmosphere) go haywire, and I see a Julia cosplayer... I really... really... REALLY want to kick some serious butt. Is that urge completely wrong of me? I never act on it, except for a glare, so it's okay, right? Does anyone else ever have that happen to them at conventions? I realize it is SO NOT convention etiquette but.. I'm only human. Sort of.. heh..

Wow.. That was a long entry. Sorry for the nerd-babble. Hope to hear from you other Space Cowboys soon! Later.

Current Mood: bouncywhee!
Current Music: FMA OST2

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February 24th, 2006

07:42 pm
Hey so I was wondering who has alllllllllll the music from the series and movie...?

and while we're on that subject, how many versions of stray dog strut are there?

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September 30th, 2005

10:37 pm - Mornin'
Just joined. Yes, I'm an incurable Bebop fan. Love the music, and the show. Not much else to say, I guess.


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May 7th, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Take a look at this picture from the final episode of Cowboy Bebop. It's taken during the camera zoom-out after the fight between Spike and Vicious. Spike lays dead on the stairs. Vicious SHOULD be laying dead at the top of the stairs, but he's NOT THERE. Vicious DIED when his plane exploded in Jupiter Jazz part 2. CHECK OUT MY LJ for the full story...

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July 31st, 2006

10:18 pm - selling my cowboy bebop manga cheap
Selling my Cowboy Bebop manga vol 3 for really cheap.
Have more items on sale on my journal. Also willing to trade. Here is my Wish List.

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